My Top 10 Go-To Instagramable Locations In Charlotte


This location is an easy one to love, and one that most photographers will choose for a session that is wanting the feel of multiple locations without having to drive anywhere. Camp North End has so many textures and variations that you can easily find an artistic style that you connect with.

This location is a great location for a fantastic date night. My suggestion, pre-dinner, go and grab a couple of cocktails, enjoy one in the cute downstairs bar, and have your second on the amazing outdoor patio,

Welcome to my favorite place. There is just something special about enjoying a nice wine or an amazing latte by beautiful flowers. It is so peaceful and serene you may even forget to take the photos. you came for! Also, be sure to hangout in the indoor space a fun eclectic vibe is always something i love to sit and enjoy.

If you know, you know. This space is completely unique to Charlotte. It is almost like a giant tiki bar that happens to be located right outside of the city in the historic district of NoDa. Not to mention, the owners are probably some of the most giving people on this plant.

Okay, so, I am kind of giving up my favorite portrait spot here.  You can see a lot of my photos taken from the view of this deck, but I guess sometimes it's okay to share a bit of yourself.  It cost me $20 in deck fees, time to travel to at least six different decks to find this view, judgy looks from the same freaking group of teens (don't ask me how they were literally on each deck I tried), and a part of my soul; but here you have it.  Stand by the number 4 in front of the Bank of America view, you will thank me.

Hear me out.  I am a punk girl at heart, always have been; and, if you know me in the slightest, you already know this.  I love grunge culture, so for me, this place is gold.  Plus, it has a lot more room to spread out than the Plaza location, so you are almost guaranteed a spot without a ton of people in the background. 

Want to feel like you left Charlotte for a moment, take an evening and go sit on the patio section outside.  Have yourself a Towney Port Wine and for a second, just pretend you're somewhere else.  We all need that every once and while.

Hands down the best view skyline view in Charlotte.  I know a lot of people say the CPCC deck, but it isn't centered, there isn't a tree outline and you don't have anyone to serve you beer when you ask, so this is it.  Also, don't sit at the bottom, walk your lazy butt all the way up the stairs. 

Most of my suggestions are for lighting or view based, this is purely aesthetic.   If you want a deeper look into my aesthetic, this is your answer.  The completely average, something that looks like it was filmed on a Netflix original series, but something that never seems to actually exists.  I love everything about this place.  Go have fun, but please don't crowd it and ruin it for me. 

When I said there wasn't a specific order, I meant it, because out of every option, this is probably the one I feel most at home.  This is where I edit most of my photos, and where I find my inspiration.  But, if you are coming to take a cute pic like the post states, go sit outside on the front patio by the door about an 30 minutes before golden hour and you wont be disappointed.  You will get the Brooklyn, New York vibes without leaving the city.  Complete with a thrift store posted up in the background.

Camp North End

The Grand Bohemian

Rosie's Wine Garden

NoDa Company Store

The French Quarter Parking Deck

Common Market - South End

Barcelona Wine Bar

Devil's Logic Brewery

Laurel Market - Elizabeth

The Exchange at 36th